Ruru: soul, home and the ether

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Ruru is a soul singer from Adelaide, SA, who, alongside her band, makes that smoothe, soulful, warm music. She released the thoroughly-rinsable 'Blue Space' EP in 2017, has supported the likes of Katchafire and  House of Shem, and does not look to be stopping anytime soon. With September seeing the release and launch of the elegant new single 'Ether', Ruru is indeed an artist to look out for. So what is it about soul music that does it for Ruru, and where is this 'ether' that she speaks of? Ruru chats with BEAT CONTEXT.

The Power

‘…its more than just music…’

Music changes our thinking and takes us beyond the physical dimension. Its more than just music, for myself and many others music is sacred and powerful. Much like words, music can build up one’s spirit or chop it down. My ancestors used music in times of war and times of peace. Good music carries a heavy vibration everywhere it goes. Regardless of time, language or origin, if it is affective, it will transcend all the things that try to divide us as humans. For a lot of people, myself included, music has become a medicinal means of dealing with the world, both external and internal. Even at the molecular level, we find a vibration at the centre of every atom. As a musician it takes time to master these elements but as it is a part of us, I also find it quite natural. .

‘…music has the power to change the atmosphere… It can make a cold place feel warm…’

(My) main objective is to continue learning and focus on making good music. I want to make music that is medicinal to people, makes them think and evokes conversation. The thing is that music can help people deal with much bigger issues, I hope my tunes can serve people like that… Music just makes you feel good, and when you are feeling good you are in the right position to deal with your shxt. Music has the power to change the atmosphere too. It can make a cold place feel warm. It has that power. I think in the same way, it can also have the opposite effect… .

‘…soul music strips all the bullshit away…’

For me, soul music strips all the bullshit away. It’s honest and raw. I enjoy that honesty. Vocally, you gotta have skills otherwise you get left behind in the groove. The lyrics are always powerful and direct. I remember when James Brown sang "say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud!", he didn't fxck about, or tip toe around, the social climate, he just said it, and he said it in a time when black people needed to hear it! That's another dope thing about soul musicians, they were never afraid to let you know how they felt about something.

Love and the Ether

‘…I always try to speak from love…’

In my personal life I'm a bit more reserved. I like being in-love but it can become taxing. I come across as blunt and distant sometimes, but it's never my intention to be hurtful. I always try to speak from love. The music helps to balance everything out. I get to share the softer side in the music. The tunes I write are vulnerable, sensitive and honest. It's like the divine feminine side - gentle and kind but still powerful. I always try tap into that energy when I'm writing or singing. .

‘…Ether was written as a love story set in the cosmos…’

I've always had an affinity with the night sky since I was little girl. Ether was written as a love story set in the cosmos. In the tune I talk about a divine feminine entity, falling in love with a divine masculine entity. The two beings merge and time travel the solar system. Their connection sets the planets into orbit, creates gravity and sends light to the cosmos.


‘…anytime I'm with them, Im good…’

I feel most at home when I'm with my family. I come from a big family with four men in my upbringing and two women so anytime I'm with them, Im good. If I'm overseas or feeling really homesick, I usually go to the water at night to look at the stars. The night sky is calming to me no matter where I'm at. .

‘…it’s a place where you can think,

become inspired,

have dope conversations

and manifest ideas…’

I want people to feel at home when they come see us or when they listen to the records. It's a place where you can think, become inspired, have dope conversations and manifest ideas.. Being an Indigenous woman as well, we're not always welcomed into that space, so fuck all that, I want people to realise they belong in a state of inspiration. .

fun fact: howzat

…my sister and I use to play state cricket in high school haha. I was kinda embarrassed about it but I had a nice little reverse swing going…we played state and school rep with girls which was cool. But for grade cricket my Dad made my sister and I play in the boy's team right up till we were sixteen. We were the only girls in that Comp for like three years. I can guarantee none of them wanted to get bowled out by a girl or knocked for 6 in the last over but it happened a lot and it was awkward af sometimes. It was cool tho. I still love cricket.

Ruru launches her new single ‘Ether’ alongside the band on September 1 at the Folklore Cafe, Port Adelaide, SA. Keep up to date with all things Ruru HERE. Collaborations with the likes of Dyspora,  Claz and Social Change are in the pipeline. The future is bright.

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