Daydream Fever: god market and filling the void

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

You may have seen Daydream Fever's previous article on BEAT CONTEXT. Well, he is back to chat about his debut EP entitled 'God Market'; a release underpinned by rebellion of thought and sound. So how does Daydream Fever conceptualise 'God', and what is behind the recurrent theme of 'God' on the God Market EP? Daydream Fever chats to BEAT CONTEXT.

Filling the void

'...what replaces God when it isn't there...'

I grew up in a very religious family. God, and fear of God was a big part of my childhood. It’s something I’ve often alluded to in my music, but I would say this is the first release where it’s a bit more obvious. As an adult I don’t have that faith in my life anymore and I think a lot of the lyrics are an exploration of what replaces God when it isn't there, not just for me, but for society in general. 

God Market

I don’t want to be too explicit with the meaning so people have a chance to have their own interpretations. The title song explores a few themes: Ego (the self as God); viewing the market/capital as God; the commodification of anything spiritual/intangible - and I don’t think these are good things! Luke Carlino’s verse I think is more explicitly about art being our version of religion, but our egos can still get in the way of that purity too. My hope with songs like these is that it doesn’t come up with explicit solutions for these issues, it just sparks some interesting ideas in the listener and they may want to explore this further in their own way. And most importantly I hope the songs are enjoyable, they are not intended as a lecture. 

'...God is just love...'

In an ideal world, whether you believe in a higher power or not, God is just love. And I feel I can show love best through art/music. But we don’t live in an ideal world. 

Daydream Fever is just beginning

This EP is just the tip of the iceberg. I also just featured on Luke Carlino’s new single “Minute”, which was produced by Sixfour which I think is one of the best songs I’ve ever been a part of. And several other Daydream Fever projects are already well underway. It’s not going to be quiet here anytime soon. 

Daydream Fever launches his debut EP God Market to his home city on August 17 at the Ed Castle, Adelaide.

You can cop God Market HERE and other goodies HERE.

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